admin / April 18, 2023

Digital Photography Tips – To People Who Want to Take Photos – But Can’t Get Started Part 1

Let’s say you want to take great photos. You’ve seen the magnificent pictures that keep you speechless. You’ve got the passion and you’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on photo gear. And now you want to make it real. You want to be selling photos and making your living from your images. Can it be done, and how can it be done? Well stay tuned. This article will show you a few digital photography tips that just might change your ways.The first big challenge that crops up is lack of confidence in our own ability. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the hip stock photo website when beautiful stock images pop up and take your breath away. Overcome your urge to throw in the towel. Let me tell you this. All skills are learnable. The stunning stock photo dude didn’t know what a camera was once, let alone how to use one.And also let me say that, generally speaking, most people have low self confidence about what they are capable of doing. This is more wide spread than you might think. And when you can understand, realise and conquer this is when you can really shine!But anyway, trust me on this. She or he got out there and started learning. They persisted until they got results. All skills ARE learnable. It takes time to become good, and it’s not always easy at the beginning. So if you want to take photos, but can’t get started, then follow this path. Go to a stock photo site and look around until you find photography that really resonates with you.Once you’ve found images that you love, surround yourself with them. Put the photos on your Mac or on your desk. Give them time to sink in and think about ways the photographer might have captured the shot. What time of day is it? What style of image is it? What feeling was the photographer trying to get across? This digital photography tip will not just get you thinking, but it should inspire you too.Then, make time to get out there and practice. Try to emulate the images that you admire. You’ll discover your own unique style will appear… slowly at first, then stronger as you go. You’ll be amazed at the transformation. Let others guide you to your best. Emulate the ideas from thoughtful photographers. And oh yeah, make haste while the sun shines!